Pellarin Performance is a strategy-based personal training studio in Redwood City, geared towards providing the highest quality strength and conditioning instruction to people of all athletic competencies.

Why Pellarin Performance?

  • A strategic approach to fitness. At Pellarin Performance, we see ourselves primarily as problem solvers. Whether you struggle to lose weight, suffer from chronic pain, or merely have never been able to achieve the aesthetic appearance that you want, Pellarin Performance is dedicated to identifying and quantifying your problems so that we can then create the most effective training program for you (See our blog post "The Pellarin Approach to Program Design" for more information).
  • Functional priorities. Whether your body is suffering from sitting at a desk all day, you live with injury-related chronic pain, or you simply don't move as fluidly as you used to, we are able to design personalized strength programs, with an emphasis on mobility, that will truly benefit your body and allow you to enjoy an improved quality of life. We want your body to function beautifully and  look great.
  • Professional consultations. Pellarin Performance works with a small group of wellness professionals, who not only share the same approach to health and fitness as us, but are also highly-regarded professionals in their fields. We actively work with chiropractors, nutritionists, and physical therapists to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest quality personal training in the Bay Area.
  • Competition assistance. At Pellarin Performance, we welcome athletes at all stages of competition and across all sporting categories. Our qualified trainers will help you reach your sports performance goals through rigorous quantified testing and sport-specific strength programs. 

To learn more about the principles underlying our programming, please look at the "Our Philosophy" page or, to really dig deep, read some of our blog posts. If you would like to ask us specific questions about your health and fitness, please contact us directly.