Our Philosophy

There are four core ideological tenets around which we, at Pellarin Performance, have structured our personal training and business philosophy. We have done our best to succinctly summarize them below. If you would like a more detailed dive into the reasoning behind each tenet, please see "The Pellarin Approach to Program Design" on our blog.


I. Have a Flexible Multi-Year Plan

Planning is essential for people of all ages and athletic competencies. If you are a competitive athlete, you need to have a multi-year plan. High school is a four year cycle of preparing for college, college is a four year cycle of preparing for professional athletics and professional athletics is a potentially decades long cycle broken into one year increments. Even if you are not a competitive athlete, and your workout goals are based solely around staying physically fit as you age, a multi-year training plan is essential to staying on track and fully functional- lest you succumb to the inevitable boredom and associated injuries that accompany unstructured training.

II. Avoid Dogma

We have all heard it. Crossfit athletes and coaches say that their methodology is best. Powerlifters say that their methodology is best. Olympic lifters say that their methodology is best- it goes on and on. The truth is that many aspects of fitness are not hard science. The near impossibility of performing long-duration studies on a homogenous population of athletes means that fitness straddles the realm between science, experience, and anecdote. At Pellarin, we believe that every athletic practice/discipline has a unique toolbox and that our role, as personal trainers, lies in choosing the correct tools to efficiently accomplish a specific clients' set of goals. 

III. Embrace Incremental Improvement

One of the reasons that most fitness-based new year's resolutions fail is due to a lack of understanding about the time it takes for the body to adapt and change. It is possible to have an entirely new level of physical vitality in a year. However, if you try and condense that same change into a month, or six weeks, your chances of failure increase, as does your probability of succumbing to otherwise avoidable injuries. Just like everything valuable in life, achieving physical vitality takes planning, time and commitment- all of which we can help you with at Pellarin Performance.

IV. Quantify Intelligently Not Obsessively

We are one of the premier strength and conditioning facilities in the United States. To this end, we need to push the athletic performance industry forward by gathering and drawing sound conclusions from reliable data collected from our clients. However, bad data is worse than no data because it confounds test results and leads to false conclusions. In light of this, we focus on accurate metrics which we believe have the greatest application to sports performance and can be reliably gathered in a practical, gym setting.