Why Pellarin Performance?

At Pellarin, our end goal is to empower our clients to be the best version of themselves, and to live life on their own terms! We achieve this by building realized, functional fitness in clients across a broad range of athletic competencies, ages, and occupations. Pellarin Performance has extensive experience working with both highly active and semi-professional athletes to first-time gym goers.

Whether you are suffering from the age-related pitfalls of an inactive lifestyle, are too busy to plan your time in the gym, or merely want to add some variety to your usual workout routine, Pellarin Performance can get you back on track and help you to achieve all of those New Years' resolutions that you've been waiting to conquer.

Already in great shape? That is an amazing accomplishment, and something that you should be very proud of! However, the chances are that you still have room for improvement and the opportunity to learn more about fitness from our experienced professionals.

What to Expect From Us:

  1. A team that prioritizes the quality of our service over the quantity of those served.
  2. One-on-one attention in our private facility.
  3. Customized programs to get you where you need to be.
  4. Access to our network of health and wellness professionals (nutritionist, chiropractor, yoga instructor and physical therapist).

Who Are Our Existing Clients?

Gender Distribution

Age Distribution

Capacity (80%)

To learn more about the principles underlying our programming, please look at the "Our Philosophy" page or, to really dig deep, read some of our blog posts. If you would like to ask us specific questions about your health and fitness, please contact us directly.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

"I enjoy working out in this positive and encouraging environment!" - O.P.

"I have been able to hit some PRs that I am very proud of thanks to Pellarin performance." - E.R

"John and Terri are both very passionate about fitness and I would strongly recommend talking to them and getting started on your own journey." - H.W.

"Under John's direction, I am safely lifting more weight than I ever thought possible." - P.M.

"John is a voracious researcher, avidly seeking out and synthesizing information that will be beneficial to his clients." - H.J.

"A perfect blend of enthusiasm, passion, and expertise! Very impressed with Pellarin performance. Will definitely be back when I'm next in the USA!" - K.B.