Pellarin Performance is owned, and run, by a husband-and-wife team who are dedicated to researching and implementing the most pertinent applications of exercise science. At Pellarin, we are not only qualified personal trainers, but also exceptionally well-versed in the shortcomings of most conventional exercise programs. We believe that health and fitness should be a personal journey, which is why we decided to open a completely private personal training studio. If you have yet to find a personal trainer who is 100% dedicated to your health and fitness, then maybe it's time to try Pellarin Performance in Redwood City? With us, you will receive the attention, support, and results that will make a difference to your quality of life.

John Pellarin

I am responsible for program design and implementation at Pellarin Performance. My passion for helping everyday people achieve their health and fitness goals is derived from my exposure to the drastic shortcomings of the fitness industry in dealing with chronic injuries, building functional strength, and correcting mobility issues. Having been in athletics my entire life, I believe that the aesthetic benefits of working out, although important, should be secondary to any person's ability to function properly, without pain or immobility. I hope that you come and visit us at Pellarin Performance to find out what we're all about!



Terri Pellarin

Having played competitive water polo at both a collegiate and National level, my experiential training in health and fitness allows me to organize and manage client training at Pellarin Performance. From client testing sessions, to programming research and data analysis, I am uniquely qualified to manage every operational aspect of the gym, as well as the personal needs and expectations of our private clients.


Cato Pellarin

Although I'm only available to work in the gym at a client's request, my responsibilities are very important. I am directly employed to manage, and improve, our clients' emotional wellbeing and cuddle quotient. If my goofy smile doesn't make your day infinitely better, my spunky personality will!

Cato learning the ropes by watching dad work!

Cato learning the ropes by watching dad work!