Pellarin Performance is owned, and run, by a husband-and-wife team who are dedicated to researching and implementing the most pertinent applications of exercise science. Having both played competitive sports at a high level, the Pellarins are not only qualified personal trainers, but also exceptionally well-versed in the shortcomings of a significant amount of conventional and publicized exercise programs. They believe that health and fitness should be a personal journey, which is why they decided to open a completely private personal training studio. If you want to receive the attention, support, and results that will make a difference to your exercise regimen, Pellarin Performance is the place for you.

John Pellarin

My life-long immersion in competitive athletics, specifically Basketball, taught me one of the most difficult lessons in my life: simply working harder is not always a recipe for sustainable success. I had always assumed that as long as I got up earlier and ran harder than everyone else I would continue to improve exponentially. As it turns out, that was a false presumption.

Despite training long hours, and pushing my body to unbelievable limits, my progress would always plateau. I would end up with a minor injury that would derail me for weeks at a time, or even worse, I wouldn't be injured at all but my body would fail me during the simplest exercises. My frustration with my own inability to maintain peak performance increased until I decided that I had to change my approach to fitness, or give up athletics entirely. I started researching and found a plethora of amazing resources, including Kelly Starret's Becoming A Supple Leopard. Slowly I began to self-correct.

Through the application of functional strength, conditioning, mobility and recovery work, not only did I heal, but I started to surpass some of my athletic records from my competitive (high school and college) athletic days. Through research and planning, I was able to recapture the high of being in amazing shape and, more importantly, I learned how to avoid the plateaus and injuries so common to those who workout continuously. Now, I love utilizing my knowledge to help other people realize their full athletic potential.

If you are a competitive athlete working to get to the next level, an individual trying to rehabilitate an injury, or someone trying to get back in shape; please do not make the same mistakes I did. Even if you choose not to train with a personal trainer, do your homework, and plan accordingly. This will save you a lot of pain and frustration! If you do choose to work with a personal trainer at Pellarin Performance, we would love to help you exceed your goals, whatever they may be.

Terri Pellarin

Terri Headshot.JPG

In much the same way that John's experiences have shaped his approach to athletics, mine too have irrevocably initiated, what I hope to be, a lifelong immersion in athletic strength and conditioning.

I grew up in an extremely active household with three athletic siblings; all of us played sport at a National level. Most of my childhood memories are comprised of entire weekends spent in the pool at water polo tournaments or on the side of a hockey/rugby field supporting my siblings.

However, despite the happy memories associated with the games, awards and accolades throughout high school, and into College, my most treasured experiences are those accumulated in training shenanigans with my teammates or in the weight room with trainers. Why? Because, as exciting as playing a game of water polo is, nothing beats the feeling of getting into the pool knowing that you've been trained and conditioned to compete at your absolute best. The ability to train your body to be stronger, faster, and more aesthetically pleasing is one that I see as an absolute privilege- a privilege that I hope to share with others.

It doesn't matter if you work a desk job and can't run a mile (yet). It doesn't matter if you carry a bit of extra weight and feel self-conscious going to the gym (for now). What matters, is that you KNOW that you have the ability to achieve absolutely any level of fitness that you desire. 

Needless to say that, to me, strength and conditioning is a MUST, irrespective of age, occupation, and existing fitness level. If you are competent enough in the gym to train yourself, that is awesome! If not, make the time to see a trainer; because, even 3 hours of exercise a week can be enough to transform your entire life! Why a Pellarin Performance trainer? Our goal at Pellarin is to not only help you achieve your specific strength, speed, and weight goals; but also to teach you how to train yourself (correctly) so that in as little as six months you will have the knowledge and ability to plan and implement your own workouts.